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Buying a home is incredibly exciting. And financing the house, the mortgage, is often the most exciting part. A home search begins with determining a budget. What can you borrow? To determine the amount you can buy a house for, you want to know what your maximum mortgage is and what the approximate monthly costs of a mortgage are.

The amount of a mortgage and the best type of mortgage depend on a lot of factors. For many people, it is the largest and longest-term loan they take out in their lifetime. It is therefore important that you get expert and independent advice on which mortgage is best for you. Our independent and expert mortgage advisors will guide you, advise you and take as much of the worry out of financing your new home as possible. Do you need refinancing or are you going to make your house more sustainable? We can also provide you with excellent service in this regard.

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Nick Heijmans

Nick Heijmans is the owner and founder of HypotheekXperts. He worked for a long time as a mortgage advisor at a large bank. Because Nick knows that he can advise and guide people much better as an independent mortgage advisor, he has chosen to start for himself. Our HypotheekXperts are fully certified (SEH, WFT and AFM). We also have specialized advisors in 'Sustainable living' and mortgages for expats. Of course, we can also explain everything about the insurances you need when you buy a house and/or take out a mortgage. You can find us in the region Den Bosch-Eindhoven-Tilburg.

'Nothing is more fun than personally guiding people in making their dreams come true. Then you have a front row seat when they come true.'

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